American made fashion labels are making a comeback.

I was talking to a fashion-forward friend a couple of years ago, and he was extolling the virtues of American-made clothing.

“It’s more expensive,” he said, “but it’s better quality, so it lasts longer. You can buy a pair of jeans made in America and they’ll last you the rest of your life.”

That may have been a bit of an overreach, but just a bit of one, and it turns out my friend’s evangelism regarding made-in-the-USA clothing was definitely prescient, because a love for homegrown fashion is definitely on the rise. Even before the current administration’s escalating trade war with China, trendsetters were looking homeward for high-quality and often custom clothing that’s both affordable and readily available.

American-made fashions have always been a go-to for a certain discerning and/or patriotic customers who were willing to pay a bit more for a better class of design, materials, attention to detail and craftsmanship. And while some brands and designers have expressed concerns that President Donald Trump’s public push to bring manufacturing back to America might politicize or hurt the image of apparel made here, homegrown clothing continues to see a rise in popularity.

An article last year by Industry Week highlighted the fashion sector’s ever-increasing love affair with apparel made in the US, noting a recovery after decades of offshoring and cheap labor and materials, often resulting in an equally cheap product. Clothing is a massive contributor to America’s trade deficit, and efforts to buy fashions sourced and crafted in-country are a major factor in helping even that playing field. What’s more, companies like Dorothy Zudora are not only employing folks in-house, but also contributing to the national workforce by sourcing their materials in the USA whenever possible—it’s a win-win for the economy and discerning couture trendsetters alike.

For years, only about 2% of the clothing worn in America was made here. That’s beginning to change, thanks in part to small labels like Dorothy Zudora dedicating themselves to making beautiful, creative and durable high-end fashion right here in the US. They seek out the best materials, and employ the most qualified, talented and detail-oriented individuals to create one-of-a-kind looks available nowhere else. Sure, it costs a bit more, but as Dorothy Zudora founder Heidi Richards says, “our customer is the individual looking for beautiful made-in-the-USA garments that they can’t get anywhere else, and will love for a lifetime.”

So the next time you’re in search of a one-of-a-kind look, check to see if the apparel you’re shopping for is made here in America—not only will you get a higher quality garment, but you’ll also be contributing to our national workforce, economy and quality of life.