Tampa Bay Fashion Label
Presents Tailored Vintage Glamour
Made in the USA

Set yourself apart in luxurious updated Hollywood Glam & Film Noir couture for a new generation

Designer Heidi Richards is reinventing every era of vintage fashion starting with Hollywood Glamour for the next generation with her new line Dorothy Zudora. Named after Heidi’s beloved Great Grandmother, the line fulfills the veteran Tampa Bay musician’s passion for custom-made clothing with glamourous style and DIY attitude.

Created from the finest fabrics available and handmade in Tampa Bay, FL USA, the first collection takes inspiration from the looks of 1930’s & 40’s Hollywood Starlets. From red carpet looks to daily wear, including wartime inspired couture and suiting for the modern workplace.

“Darts are a girl’s best friend” she says, as a lifelong fashionista with an eye for detail.

Heidi began her journey in the fashion industry selling curated vintage items online. However, her ambition and creative drive soon outgrew single garments. “You spend all that time and love on one piece, and there’s only one of them in one size. I wanted to recreate classic pieces everyone can enjoy.”

The debut line features gorgeous gowns, from slip dresses and sexy suiting to 40’s style blouses and pencil skirts. Featuring striking silhouettes and classic looks, with modern materials and comfortable fabrics. One exciting twist… Dorothy Zudora can tailor to every customer upon request. “We plan on going further and exploring every era in our lines to come.”

“Fashion is a luxurious fabric integrated into a beautiful classic design, wonderfully executed”, Heidi states. She anticipates her second line for plus sizes will debut this Winter/Spring, along with the bridal line and Men’s wear to follow in Fall 2020.

“I don’t want to limit myself, she says, “we’re going to do it all”.