NEW Men’s Prints

  • mens-black-and-white-shirt-long-sleeve-stretch-op-art

    Mens Black and White Shirt Long Sleeve Stretch – Mixed Signals Op Art

  • Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Mens Stretch. Shop All Blue Long Sleeve & Royal Blue Long Sleeve Shirts Now

    Mens Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Stretch – Blue Poison Dart Frog Large

  • mens-long-sleeve-plaid-shirt-stretch-gray

    Mens Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt Stretch – Matrix Source Code Gray

  • mens-long-sleeve-print-shirt-stretch-aqua

    Mens Long Sleeve Print Shirt Stretch – Aqua Lava

  • mens-neon-shirt-long-sleeve-stretch-variable-poison-dart-frog

    Mens Neon Shirt Long Sleeve Stretch – Variable Poison Dart Frog

  • mens-party-shirt-long-sleeve-stretch-the-film-goddess

    Mens Party Shirt Long Sleeve Stretch – The Film Goddess

  • mens-print-shirt-long-sleeve-stretch-chartreuse-reel-noir

    Mens Print Shirt Long Sleeve Stretch – Chartreuse Reel Noir

  • mens-printed-button-down-shirt-stretch-pop-art-betty

    Mens Printed Button Down Shirt Long Sleeve Stretch – Leopard Bette


NEW Cocktail, Wedding & Party Dresses

  • Marilyn Black Wedding Dress Form Fitting Illusion Neckline

  • Marilyn Black Wedding Dress with Train – Satin & Chiffon

  • Audrey Strapless Blue Satin Dress with Pockets – Midnight Navy

  • Audrey Strapless Green Satin Dress with Pockets – Icey Mint Green

  • Cher Black Tuxedo Dress – Two Piece Corset Jacket & Mini Skirt

  • Brigitte Floral Cocktail Dress Red Chiffon Sleeveless – Dahlia Daze

  • Brigitte White Chiffon Dress Sleeveless Cocktail Rhinestones

  • marilyn-white-cocktail-dress-illusion-neckline-satin

    Marilyn White Cocktail Dress Illusion Neckline Satin


Summer of Love: The DZ Retro Prints Collection

  • Space Gambit 60s Angel Sleeve Mock Neck Dress

    60s Angel Sleeve Maxi Dress – Space Gambit Op Art Print

  • 70’s Open Back Sundress w/ Pockets – Lava Luau Retro Print

  • disco-dress

    70s Disco Dress – Color Me Poppy Geometric Print

  • Nothing screams 60s culture like this mod dress.  It will be the dress you grab again and again to be comfortable and fashion forward.  Wear it with the belt or use the belt for a headband.  This dress is made with our own Dorothy Zudora Space Gambit Print in micro stretch jersey incorporating elements of geometric, space age and op art influences of the Mod fashion movement.

    Rosemary 60s Black and White Op Art Tunic Kite Dress – Space Gambit

  • retro-dress

    Rosemary 60s Orange Brown Retro Print Tunic Kite Dress – Burning Sands

  • kaftan-Dress

    Rosemary 60s Orange Retro Geometric Print Kite Dress – Color Me Poppy

  • Floral-Shirt-Dress

    Rosemary 60s Red Floral Print Tunic Kaftan Kite Dress – Dahlia Daze

  • red-summer-dress

    Rosemary 60s Mod Retro Print Caftan Tunic Kite Dress – Lava Luau


Twiggy GoGo's Color Block

  • keyhole dress

    Edie 60s Mod Space Age Keyhole Dress

  • gogo-dress

    Twiggy 60s Mock Neck Mod Scooter Dress

  • colorblock-dress

    Goldie 70s Butterfly Collar Shirt Dress

  • Pink-Two-Piece-Set

    Daphne 70s Dog Ear Collar Blouse & Pleated Skirt Suit

  • color-block-dress

    Yoko 60s Sunrise Color Block Mod Dress

  • Open-Back-Dress

    Nancy 70s Open Back Peplum Mini Dress – Pink

  • summer-mini-dress

    Nancy 70s Open Back Peplum Mini Dress – Purple

  • halter-sun-dress

    Mia 60s Primary Color Block Sun Dress


Designed, Tailored & Shipped from Tampa, FL

Made in the USA